Founded in 2019, Kreation by KJ is a brand born out of love for Indian crafts and textiles and the fascination to turn them into aesthetically pleasing outfits suited for the modern world. Each of our products are crafted with precision and designed with old traditions and contemporary style.


The brainchild of our founder Kavita Jha, Kreation by KJ is a women led brand employing over 50 women directly and several others indirectly.

The brand started off as an entrepreneurial venture by Kavita in November 2019, when she decided to follow her passion for designing and handicrafts.

How Are Your Outfits Made?

We at Kreation by KJ, are all about making beautiful hand made products that are different from the run of the mill replicas present in the market. Right from design, to final packing, we boast of having absolute control over every aspect of product development. We truly believe in the essence of ‘Shop Local’ and therefore all our products are created from scratch in West Bengal, India.